D I V E - B A R - J U N K I E S

No songs for this band.

What can I say about the Dive Bar Junkies that the name doesn't say itself - we are the Dive Bar Junkies we come San Pedro,CA- started in late 2003 the Junkies have been infesting Southern California Dive Bar's with a unique blend of metal,hardcore,punk,rock,reggae,hip hop to create a divebar blend of punk. With a crappy 5 song demo behind us - an almost done with a 15 song full length recorded by The Transducer http://www.thetransducer.com - expect 15 songs of versatility and Dive Bar humor on this one - release date is for late 2005 @ Felonyrecords.org and also out soon before the LP is the new split 10"/CD with Butt Trumpet limited to 1000 copies @ http://www.felonyrecords.org